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    Our company unites several experts and companies on saw blades industry and abrasive industry in 2016.

  • Production

    Our main products are DIO diamond segments with diamond particle array distribution ( Arix ),etc.

  • Technology

    We invest millions on cutting-edge technology and equipment improvements.

  • Service

    We'll continuously supply high cost performance with stable quality tools to our customers, as well as our high quality service.

CASECoperation case

Diamond Blade

01Diamond Blade

Our diamond matrix positioning technology which insders call it as Arix is successfully researched. The individual diamond particles in every lines and working layer can be precisely distributed.

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Our arrayed diamond segment is similar with Arix diamond segment, so it can ensure the sharpness and lifespan, as well as cutting performance.

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Granite Diamond Saw Blade

03Granite Diamond Saw Blade

By using this excellent 3D positioning diamond particles technology, all of our granite diamond saw blade can meet with your requirements unexpectedly, whatever for multi blade cutting, single blade cutting, edge cutting, splitting or other general cutting.

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How To Select Diamond Blades For Different Uses
How To Select Diamond Blades For Different Uses

Diamond head is the working body of diamond saw blade. The head of the diamond blade is composed of diamond and tire binding agent, diamond is a super-hard material.

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